Corporate Wellness + Gifting

“I’m sure we’ve all heard it a million times how important healthy living is; we reap benefits like a decreased likelihood for illness, increased energy levels, and an overall improvement in mood and wellness. Although we don’t think about it as much, a healthy life also translates into a more productive work week, due to an increase in clarity, memory, and a reduction in stress and anxiety. When we fill ourselves full of nutritious foods, we are no longer a slave to the ups and downs of sugar and empty carbohydrates that wreak havoc on our blood glucose levels; it’s easier to see even the most daunting work tasks with a clearer mind when our internal bodies are in a more relaxed state.”

– Tianna Rusnak – Holistic Nutritionist

Are you looking for alternative healthy options to provide your staff or fellow employees?

Juice is a sustainable energy source. It’s an easily accessible and nutrient dense option for people in every profession to manage and maintain dietary balance in their daily lives. We have a unique experience to offer you and your ‘office’, including a brief educational introduction to what corporate wellness entails and its benefits. Interested?

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