Cold-pressed is a term that describes the process of a hydraulic press that does not use centrifugal force or friction to extract juice from the whole vegetable or fruit. Instead it crushes and slowly ‘presses’, separating the liquid from the pulp. This ensures the product is raw, unpasteurized and chalked full of the good stuff.
Think of cold pressed juice like a fresh salad; full of goodness, raw and highly perishable. Refrigerate your juice as soon as you are able and always check the little sticker near the bottom of the bottle. Our suggestion: Best to drink within 72 hours of extraction for optimal nutrient density.
Mostly fiber. The insoluble fiber (pulp) is removed by about 90% through the juicing process. The remaining liquid (juice) contains a multitude of vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants, which are easily absorbed into your bloodstream, therefore requiring less energy to break down and distribute throughout your body, Finally, relief for the digestive system.

Currently we offer free delivery throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas for a minimum order of $65. Straight to your door, that’s what we’re talking about!

Our delivery days are currently Tuesday and Friday, and all orders are pressed the day of delivery, packed and on the road at 1pm. You can expect your delivery between 1pm-6pm. Please let us know in the comment section of your order if you have a preffered time for delivery to your home or office. If we are unable to accommodate your delivery request, you will receive a follow up email.

All online orders will require 24 hours notice.

Not ready to buy 6? No problem! You can find our juice at the following locations:

Our lovely storefront and main HQ located at #20-17 Boudreau Rd. St. Albert

Risen Health – Spruce Grove – https://risenhealth.ca/

Revive Wholebody Health – St. Albert   https://www.revivehealth.ca/

Drink up. Our juices are 100% gluten free, vegan and contain no additives.

We are proud to source a majority of our produce locally.Some of our local farms include Riverbend Gardens, Sundog Organics, August Organics, Morinville Greenhouses, Doef’s Greenhouses, Steve and Dan’s Fresh Fruit and many more. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding sourcing locally, we love the conversation and of course, to brag about them all!

We are honored to support and be supported by FARRM. They are an animal rescue and re-homing movement in Wetaskiwin, AB. The extra pulp and organics generated during our juicing process are sent home with them as feed. Still curious? More information can be found on their website, www.farrmrescue.org.After feeding the oinkers, any pulp remaining gets composted in our gardens to complete the cycle and fertilize our own produce!