The Fast Way Kit


FASTer Way Kit is designed in collaboration with coach Laura Dublanko!

Your FASTer Way kit includes 4 juices and 1 nut/seed mylk all labelled to match your FASTer Way cleanse schedule. All juices and mylks are pressed fresh in house and are an ultimate way to incorporate nutrients during your juice cleanse portion of the program.

Please note: The only item that we have not included is the ‘Lively Lemon’ which can easily be made at home with some warm water, lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper ( remember a pinch!)

Please note any allergies in the comments section and we will adjust as necessary.




As I’m sure you know by now, the key to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Program is Intermittent Fasting!  Incorporating this practice provides a powerful break for your body each day. Take intermittent fasting to the next level by extending your fast for 24 hours or longer!

Tips for your 24 hour cleanse: 

  • Begin your fast/cleanse immediately after dinner the night before. Consume only water or herbal teas.
  • Start your cleanse day with a large glass of room temperature water.
  • Drink 16-32 oz of water in between each juice.
  • Make a ‘Lively Lemon’ first thing after your water. It helps to alkalize the body and boost metabolism.
  • Space out your juices so they are 2 hours apart.
  • Drink your last juice of the day 2 hours before bedtime. We like to drink a nut mylk last because of the added protein and it tastes like dessert!
  • You can break your fast, after a 24hr window, with a light meal at 8pm Thursday evening.